Q: How does Blog Clicker Work?
A: It's simple.  You view other member blogs and in return, they will view your blog.  For every 2 blogs you visit, you get one view to your blog.  With instant bonus credits, contests, upgrades and credit packages available, you can get more traffic and better view ratios!
Q: What kind of blogs or blog sites can I promote?
A: That's really up to you.  We welcome all blogs and blog related sites provided they do not contain sexually explicit material, foster views of hate or racism.
Q: Can I promote a site that is not a blog?
A: Yes.  As long as your site is blog related, provides services or tools to bloggers such as scripts, blog pages, hosting and other related services, you may promote it at BlogClicker
Q: Are traffic exchanges new?
A: No.  While "Blog Traffic Exchanges" are fairly new, the traffic exchange itself is not new.  The traffic exchange has been around for several years and is a effective promotion tool for many sites.  BlogClicker's sister site, TrafficG.com is one of the leading traffic exchanges today and we've brought that expertise to the blog community.
Q: Is it Really FREE?
A: Yes.  Standard membership is 100% FREE!  We do offer upgraded memberships and additional credits for purchase, but these are completely optional.  There are no hidden fees or costs.
Q: What does downline or referral mean?
A: When you refer other members to BlogClicker they are your "referrals" and are placed in your downline.  All members in your downline earn you more traffic for as long as they are BlogClicker members as you receive a percentage of every credit they earn up to 5 levels deep!  If you are an upgraded member, you'll also receive commissions on every upgrade or credit purchase they make!

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