Terms Of Service
Acceptable Use:
BlogClicker can be used to promote blogs and sites that are DIRECTLY related to blogs or blogs services.
By submitting a blog or site to BlogClicker, solely owned by PWDK.COM LTD, you agree that it will abide by the following terms:
  • Your blog or site must not break the Blog Surf Bar frame.
  • Your blog or site must be in English.
  • Your site must be a blog or directly blog related or a service that caters primarily to blogs.
  • Your site must not contain explicit sexual content, nudity, or pornography.
Failure to follow these terms will result in the site being removed without notice.  If your site is removed 3 times, your account will be deleted and any credits or purchases will be forfeited.
Blogclicker reserves the right to disallow ANY blog or site at our discretion, that we feel is not in the best interest of BlogClicker and its' members.
In regards to "commercial" blogs and sites, Blogclicker reserves the right to deny any listing Blogclicker feels is not directly related to blogs or blog services, or deny sites that simply use the blog format to use the BlogClicker site.
MLM Programs, Business Opportunities, Money Making Schemes, Affiliate Programs and similar sites are NOT ALLOWED!
PLEASE NOTE: Currently Blogclicker does not accept URLs or banners for other Blog Exchanges. Blogclicker must limit this to maintain the focus of our service and to prevent this from becoming an "exchange" exchange.
Account Status
The only requirement to keep your BlogClicker account in good standing is to view at least 50 member blogs in a 30 day period and maintain a valid email address.  Failure to meet either of these requirements will result in account suspension until they are corrected.
Users that open an account but do not initially login to their account within 30 days will have their account auto-deleted by the system.
Changes in Features and Service
Users also agree to any revised terms of service as they are released in order to maintain their account.  Should at any time you not agree with the terms, you are free to cancel/delete your account.  However, as long as you leave your account active, it is implied you agree to the terms in effect at that time.
Fraudulent Use/Cheating
Any member found to be using fraudulent means to manipulate the service in any way not in compliance with normal use, will have their account terminated without notice and will forfeit all credits, upgrades and purchases.
Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited.  Any user found to have multiple accounts under the same IP address, even with different email addresses, will have ALL accounts deleted without notice and will forfeit all credits, upgrades, purchases and rights to said accounts.
Use of Credits
Credits are for the sole use of the member for which the account was opened. The sale of credits to other users is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of account without notice and user will forfeit all credits, upgrades, and purchases and rights to said account.
SPAM Policy
We maintain a ZERO SPAM policy.  Users are NOT to use unsolicited email, forum posting or posting messages in usenet or news services.  Any single report for spam from a users referral URL will result in account termination without notice and user will forfeit all credits, upgrades, and purchases and rights to said account.
Age Requirements
Users agree that they are at least 13 years of age and if under the age of 18, have the permission of their parent or guardian to use and maintain an account with BlogClicker.
BlogClicker uses member account information ONLY for the purposes of conducting normal operation of the BlogClicker site.  User agrees to receive periodic emails regarding the BlogClicker service.  Should a user not wish to receive emails from BlogClicker, they need only terminate their account.
Refund Policy
Blogclicker shall offer full refunds for all unused services and sales, where members have used a significant proportion of their order a proportional refund maybe offered instead.

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